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Long Range Lanes

Tango Down is the home of the only "no-walk", all-steel, 1200M range in the US!  That’s right...the US.  ​

We are "no-walk" because we utilize a custom camera system designed specifically for us by Longshot™:  The premier long range target camera system that provides the shooter with a live video feed and interactive experience.

​At Tango Down you simply hit the toggle switch for the yard marker you want (target comes up), and tap the video feed on the Longshot™ tablet for that lane...NO walking to the target, no golf carts, no calling pay for an hour, you get a solid hour.

We have wind markers from 400-1200M.

We also have concrete left and right-side benches...perfectly leveled...(cue mic drop-we're done here!)

Sniper rifle wooded.jpg

To learn more about Longshot™ and what they have to offer, click here!

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Tango Down Shooting Complex

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