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Tango Down

Tactical 4-Gun Match

Hard Date:  July 29, 2023
$1000 cash prize 1st place
$600 second place
$300 third place

Precision Side Match cash prize $250

Prizes for:
Best in Pistol
Best in PCC
Best in Shotgun
  Best In Rifle

Top Lady Shooter


Tango Down Shooting Complex in Jacksonville, Florida is offering a one day invitational, competitive 4-gun shooting match on July 29, 2023 (top prize of $1,000.) that would test a shooter’s tactical & survival skills in hypothetical armed conflict situations. Such tested skills would include, but are not limited to: transitioning between targets and firing points, firing while moving, firing using right hand only, and left hand only, and when long guns used, shooting from right shoulder and from left shoulder, and from different positions (such as kneeling, and prone), use of cover and reloading, all “on the clock.” Scoring will be based upon accuracy, time and any penalties.



Round Count

All shooters will shoot:

1. Pistol:

   a.  9mm and above

   b.  Optics are allowed

   c.  Ammunition must meet factory specs (Chrono on site)

2. PCC:  A PCC will be available for use at the appropriate stages at no cost for shooter who do not have one.

   a.  See above

3.  Rifle:

   a.  5.45mm (AK-74) and above

   b. Optics are encouraged!

   c.  Ammunition must meet factory specs (Chrono on site)

   d. Lasers are ok.

4.  Shotgun:  A shotgun will be available for use at the appropriate stages at no cost for shooter who do not have one.

   a.  Extended mags ok but all stages are limited to 1 extra round            

5.  Precision Rifle (Side Match):

   a.  Any rifle (appropriately calibered air rifles acceptable)

   b.  Any optic

Cost is $160 per for Main Match.  Due to the overwhelming response we have raised the limit to 60 shooters.  We will have a waitlist. 

Cost for Precision Rifle Side Match $50 per shooter.  Limited to 60 Shooters.  We will run a waitlist here as well.

Shooters can register for one match, or both matches!

Detailed Standing Round Count:

Pistol:      Min 75

PCC:        Min 80

Rifle:        Min 50

Shotgun: Min 25 (BIRD SHOT ONLY)

Standing Round Count for side match is 3 (Cold Bore +2)

Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  Can I enter both matches?

    • Yes.  You can enter one or both matches.

  2. Do you have guns for rent?

    • Yes, but in limited quantities.

  3. Will ammunition be available?

    • Yes, ammunition will be available for purchase in the TDSC Pro-Shop.

  4. If I pay and cannot make it, will I get a refund?

    • Yes, provided you contact us up 48hrs prior to the match.

  5. Can I use my air rifle for the Precision Rifle Side Match?

    • Yes, provided your Air Rifle has enough power to reach the targets.  Your rifle needs to be able to shoot at least 800yds.

  6. Does my rifle have to be a “sniper” or “tactical” rifle to compete?

    • No.  Any rifle suitable for distances of up to 800yds is appropriate.

  7. What if I do not have a PCC?

    • We will have a “house” PCC on stages that require a PCC.  They are zeroed and dead on.  You will be able to use them.

  8. Can I use my holster?

    • Holsters are required for this match, however, the following holsters are not allowed:

      • Cross Draw​

      • Small of the Back

      • Pocket Holsters

      • Shoulder Holsters

      • Ankle Holsters

  9.  Can I use my sling for my rifle and or PCC?

    • In the interest of safety will not be using slings in ANY capacity.  Rifles and or PCCs will be pre staged as necessary.

  10. Can I use my ported pistol?

    • Yes.

  11. Can I use my laser?

    • Yes.

  12. Can I use my Semi Auto Shotgun?

    • Yes.

  13. ​How Much ammunition will I need?

    • 230 Rds

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