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The target has randomly numbered and colored pool balls to be shot in numerical order while timed, but if you miss your correct ball, you’re eliminated and then it is your opponent’s turn. This game involves focus and accuracy!


Darts with shooting is virtually the same as throwing the darts. Each player gets 3 shots like the 3 darts in the board darts game. After each player takes 3 shots, they add their total points and compare it to their opponent’s points. The player with the highest score wins the game!


52 cards randomly hung as the target. Each shooter gets 5 shots per round in under 10 seconds (pistol) and 20 seconds (rifle). The person with the best five-card hand wins the round!


Shooters are timed starting when they pick up their gun and have 5 seconds (pistol) and 7 seconds (rifle) to shoot whatever cards they want to reach up to, but not over, 21. Over 21 is eliminated. Lowest time/highest hand wins!


Multiple different colored balloons attached to the target. Starting with the shooter’s back turned.  Timer starts, the shooter turns, picks up their gun, as you shout out which colors they need to hit. For each correct hit, a shooter earns a point. For an incorrect hit, deduct a point. Lowest time/highest points wins!


Gun/range related questions on 3”x5” cards and a target with each participant’s name on it. The moderator asks the group a question, and the first person to answer correctly earns a chance to shoot a target with another person’s name, eliminating that person. If they miss the target, they are eliminated. The last person standing wins!


Target with a criminal holding a victim hostage. Target is placed at close-range to start. Each player fires one shot per round, increasing the distance of the target with each round. Whoever shoots the victim is eliminated from the game, leaving the best shot the winner.

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