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Tango Down All-Around All Steel Challenge (TDA3SC)

When:  Opening Day

Where:  Tango Down Shooting Complex

What:  Ruck March/ Shooting Competition

Who:  Anyone who has what it takes...and can shoot!

Details:  Competition consists of a 3K ruck march, followed by a 3 stage pistol shoot, a 3 stage PCC shoot, and a cold bore shot. 

Tickets:  Tickets go on sale 30 days prior to opening of now we anticipate opening late January.  Tickets will be $50.00

Prizes:  All participants will receive a really cool T-shirt.  However, participation prizes will be limited to that! (sprinkles are for winners!)

1st Place:      SSG-9 PCC with Holosun 510C (Green) Optic

                     *Winner will get to choose weapon color and serial Number

2nd Place:   Glock 45 MOS

3rd PLace:   Glock 43X

Opening Day Raffle

As one of two Authorized Kriss Vector Dealers in Florida, SSG will raffle off a Kriss Vector in 9mm to mark the opening of its presence at TDSC!  Tickets will be $25.00 and go on sale 30 days prior to opening. 

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Kriss Vector Logo.jpeg
Vector SDP-E.jpg

Tango Down SC & Sentinel Security Group


SOLRSS Wwords.png

Instructor:  CW4 Retired Robert Parker. (About Mr. Parker)

Blocks in Series: 4

Date: Mar 3-5 2023

Length: 3 days (Fri-Sun)

Cost: $850 per seat (limited to 12 seats)

What What you Need:

  • Precision Rifle with appropriate Glass (Or you can rent/buy one from TDSC)

  • Ammunition (100rds-Same LOT)

  • Data Log (Provided by TDSC)

  • *Upon reserving a seat, students must put the caliber and type of rifle in the comments box on the reservation form

Course Details:​

In this 1st block you will learn:

  • Intro to Long Distance Marksmanship

  • Environmental Conditions & Calculations

  • Application of Fires

  • Low Percentage Shooting

What to Expect:​

Classroom time of no more than 2 hours and range time there after 2-3 hours.


18811 Maxville MacClenny Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32234


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