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What to Expect

Range Operations

Flat Range:  $35/Hr

What you get:

  • Customized Bays

    • Customers get a single steel target per bay, but can choose from a myriad of steel targets to rent per hour (Targets are between $4-7/Hr)

  • No Down Time​

    • Customers don't have to go "cold" to set up targets...we do that for you.  You simply show up, shoot, and leave. ​

Long Range Shooting: $45/Hr
What you get:

  • "No Walk" Shooting Lanes

    • No calling "cold"​

    • No golf cart rides

  • Targets raise and lower from the shooting position with a toggle switch
    Customers see targets and round impact via tablet and at-the-target cameras​

  • Concrete shooting benches

    • left and right sided

    • leveled

  • Wind indicators in the field ​

  • Overhead cover


Customers must qualify at ranges 400-1K...No Exceptions.

  • Long range shooting customers pay for their lane.  If a customer has qualified at a range that requires a tablet (400-1K), then a tablet is issued (no cost).

  • Customers proceed to lane and shoot.

  • Should a customer desire to qualify at a given range, they can request it at sign in.

  • Qualification:

    • 3 shots, on target, center mass

    • Re-quals based on CRSO availability

    • Successful quals receive a corresponding t-shirt (free).   

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