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Tango Down
Shooting Complex

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Your Shooting Destination!

Servicing all your shooting needs!

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday-Sunday  10am-5pm

18811 Maxville MacClenny Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32234

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Opening Day: April 1

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Hogan's Alley

Walk down the street and engage targets in windows and, seek cover, make it to the end...repeat!

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First Coast IDPA/GSSF

Home of the First Coast IDPA & Glock Sports Shooting Foundation.

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Gumbo Ya Ya

Yaaaaasssss!  Gumbo Ya Ya!  World class...Fresh...Made to order....WHAT?!!!!

Definitely...Learn More!

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Flat Ranges

Flat Bays 25 Yds Deep and lined with HESCO Barriers.  All steel...all taken care of!, design, shoot, repeat! 

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Long Ranges

Florida's only 1200M, all steel, "no-walk" range.  No carts, no calling cold...Ballistic cameras at the target.  State of the art.

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Wooded Lanes

Walk the path and engage targets when they present themnselves to you!  All while using YOUR kit!

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TDSC is Florida's first wheelchair-ready shooting facility!  That's right...not an "afterthought"...from the ground up!...classes available from our Sentinel Security Group staff!


Tango Down is a proud partner with USCCA!  To learn more about USCCA and Delta Defense Insurance click here.

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18811 Maxville MacClenny Hwy

Jacksonville, FL 32234

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Our Areas of Expertise

Where We Can Help

We are Tango Down!  The premier shooting location in the State of Florida.  We were designed from the ground up, to be the very best at ALL we do.  Period.  We are not only "shooter" oriented we are CUSTOMER oriented!  We know what "right" looks like.  Come see us...enjoy the range, the atmosphere, the food and above all else...the customer service!  

The Best Training...

Our training staff are the very best.  That's because they come from a true pedigree...Come see us.

NRA & USCCA Certified

All Staff Trainers and Leadership are NRA CRSO Certified and USCCA Certified Firearms Instructors

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TDSC Staff

All TDSC Staff Members have FDLE Level II Background check allowing them to work with children and vulnerable populations.

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