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Hours of Operation

Wed-Sun            10-5
Mon                    Closed
Tue                    LEO/MIL & SPL TNG

18811 Maxville MacClenny Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32234

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Upcoming Events

  • Tango Down Tunnel of Terror
    Tango Down Tunnel of Terror
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, Oct 06
    Tango Down Shooting Complex
    Oct 06, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
    Tango Down Shooting Complex, 18811 Macclenny Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32234, USA
    Oct 06, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
    Tango Down Shooting Complex, 18811 Macclenny Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32234, USA

Welcome to Tango Down Shooting Complex!  Your Shooting & Training Destination! Our facility boasts many amenities and there are more to come…please browse our site and come see us! We are Jacksonville’s First Public Outdoor Range! So that means:

  • No daily memberships necessary

  • No startup fees

  • No initiation fees

  • No hassle


Here's a snapshot of the Unique Training Features at Tango Down!


The Shooting Bays:


We support your need to train safely and effectively…so with a simple skill set demo* you can also:

  • Fire from the holster

  • Fire from concealed

  • Transition platforms

*all you have to do is show us you know what you’re doing…and continue to train!


When you rent a bay at Tango Down, it’s YOUR real estate!  You don’t have to share it with anyone…there’s no “going cold” for another shooter you don’t know! This allows you to maximize your training time!  Another unique feature about shooting here is our shooting bays are made from HESCO Defensive Barriers, so unlike other ranges, you can set up training scenarios that allow you to:

  • Shoot while moving

  • Engage targets left to right at slightly less than 180°

  • Engage targets in depth


We have several props available…including a vehicle! *

*Simply let us know when you arrive how you want your bay set up…and we will make it happen!



Long Range Lanes:


When our wiring is complete*, we’ll feature the longest “All Steel”, “No Walk” range in the US!  However, even now we offer a “No Walk” shooting experience out to 1000yds (we have 1200yds).  We currently have steel set up at 100, 300, 600, 800 and 1000**.  If you want to stretch your legs out, come see us!  We have 4 lanes ready to go!  We highly encourage you to book them online!

*We should be completely wired in the next few weeks..all lanes are KD at the moment...but still no walk!

**in order to shoot at the further distances, you must group (3 rounds on target) at the targets beforehand…WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THIS.  So if you want to shoot at 800, you need to group at 600, etc.


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